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Dairy – Day 2

August 16, 2009

I began my day at 3 am – I had thought that my tendency to awaken in the wee hours of the morning (or late, late evening depending upon your definition) was finished.  Having a boyfriend in a foreign country had affected my sleep schedule last year.  I found myself exhausted early in the evening and then after sleeping for about 6 hours, awake at 2 or 3 am, as if it were time for breakfast.  I would always have a snack and then return to bed for a few hours. I had gotten a handle on this bad habit a few months ago but here I was ravenous from a night of sleeping and dreaming of hats, lipstick and butter – not necessarily in that order.

This early am snack would not be of the sliced cheese and scrambled egg variety, there would be no dried pizza crust dipped in salad dressing this am – no, because I am now a VEGAN late night snacker.  I devoured some fresh figs, a whole wheat pita and this brown rice lentil mixture that, when mixed with hot sauce, shredded cabbage, tomatoes and onions tastes like mexican food. After all was entered into I noticed the calorie count. 666! The number of the beast!

The beast is me – I can’t believe I was so hungry at 3 am. I chaulk this up to loneliness, actually. The loneliness not only of a boyfriend in Holland while I am stuck in the South, but also the isolation I have felt these past few months as friends have moved away and I have been going out less due to no car. When I am lonely, anxious, unhappy or bored I eat…which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t also eat when I am happy. Food!

This contemplation did not last long for after logging my snack and generally feeling sorry for myself I went back to bed.  I suppose that the good thing about late night snacking is that at 9am I was not particularly hungry. This is prime time for experimenting with recipes.

A frozen delight is in the works, inspired by last night where I found myself walking toward Ben & Jerry’s – the lure of cow juice and sugar was strong that night, but instead I bought a fruit cup from the, thankfully, adjacent Panera Bread.  I fancied I could freeze the fruit and combine with soymilk into a sort of frozen dessert that, ideally, would recall the udder ambrosia of Ben & Jerry’s.  Making my own concoction is pretty much my only option as  sugar is verboten as is dairy and all of the soy or rice frozen treats are sweetened with sugar or rice syrup or what have you and while the latter is organic it does pack on the calories. No, it’s no sugar or sugar substitutes for me.

In short, it’s no ice cream, but it’s not bad. We will see how long this lasts before I “compromise” and start mainlining brown rice syrup.

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