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Diary – Day 5 – The Starch is With Me

August 20, 2009

One of the male co-workers disapproves of my endeavor. He’s far more catty than the women and offers up the kind of advice that I take as jinx-y prognostications. I hear and see the particular moment he uttered the words that now echo in my head as I eat half a box of whole wheat crackers -completely allowed on the diet, but abused by yours truly.

You see, his latest zing was to inform me that Vegetarians often don’t lose weight or are slightly heavier because they eat more starch. While Veganism is surely more strict and cuts out much of the fat present and allowed in a Vegetarian regime (the culprit – dairy), it does allow for a sure fire diet buster.¬† Starch, the most complex carbohydrate of all.

I had already factored into my skinny bitchery this problem. Yes, you can overdo the starches. I had set up what I thought was a fail safe. While 100% whole grains are completely allowed and encouraged on the diet I had made a pact with myself to only eat brown rice, sweet potatoes and the occasional waxy potato, because I was afraid I would overdo it and throw off my ratio of carbs to protein. I broke this pact on day one when I bought tiny whole wheat pitas….and ate them all in two days.

Still I was doing okay – I got back on track – the pitas were now gone and I log all of my food on so I never went above my lose weight diet number (1,500-1,700 cal) or my okay-you-blew-it-but-at-least-you-didn’t-gain-any-weight-today number (2,000).

That was until the corn tortillas wound up in my basket.

Corn has really gotten a bad rap as of late – mostly in the form of the demonization of high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified corn. I always imagine satanic giant ears of corn marching across the Midwest on their way to Vegas like characters in Stephen King’s The Stand. I suppose I thought I was edgy, therefore, when I decided I would make vegan soft tacos….I just hadn’t planned on eating 5 of them, in one day.

I have them packed for lunch now too. I am on a starch bender!

This weekend I return to the grocery and NO items of high starch content are getting in my basket. I shall pass the tortillas, pita and crackers, calmly wave my left hand in front of them and proclaim, “These are not the sustenance you seek” and calmly walk on through the evil starch empire that is the American grocery.

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  1. Dutch Treat permalink
    August 20, 2009 9:33 am

    It must be the corn, I suppose. 70% of food in America contains corn and its derivatives, I read somewhere recently, as in Europe it’s mostly wheat.
    If you abstain from all processed food, and keep to vegs, fresh fruit, wheat products, like Italian pastas (durum) and virgin olive oil, you can eat as much and as often as you like and the odd bar of Lindt’s can’t do much harm.

    Snacks are from hell, of course.
    >> Once we busted through that monumental clusterfuck, it was a straight run home — except for a strange interlude at a Mass Pike rest stop, where people who looked like Thanksgiving Day parade balloons clutched armfuls of snack bags in their never-ending quest for fulfillment. I began to think of them — prompted, I’m sure, by some malicious meme on the Web — as “the yeast people,” enormous one-celled creatures multiplying at an astronomical rate, soon to engulf the planet in a tragic reeking foam of yeast, and dooming the Earth to a fate worse than climate change…. << (James H. Kunstler)

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