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Recipe! Vegan Tacos of Death

August 20, 2009

Note: adding “of death” to any recipe just means it will be delicious in a way that you can’t stop eating them.

 Recipe makes enough for 4 people to have at least two tacos each or one person to lie in bed post tacos, weeping due to lack of willpower.


10 small corn tortillas (2 tortillas are used for each taco = 47 calories)

1.5 cup black beans cooked & drained (or use a can – I won’t tell anyone) (per tbsp =50 calories)

Garnish with the following in any combination:

Avocado slices (2 slices – ¼ of a small black skinned avocado = 57calories)

Diced tomato (per tbsp = 4 calories)

Diced onion ( per tbsp = 16 calories)

Corn kernels (per tbsp = 16 calories)

Shredded Cabbage (per tbsp = 3 calories)

Shredded Lettuce (per tbsp = are we counting lettuce now?)

Hot Sauce or Salsa (per tbsp = 5-15 calories)

 Then you just slap them together.  Take two tortillas, stack on top of one another, sprinkle with some water and throw in the microwave for 30 seconds or in a hot pan, sans oil, for 30 seconds or so – until they kind of puff a little.  Now they are hot, spoon about a tablespoon of beans into the center, then load up with toppings, fold and eat.

 I like to use black beans, tomato, onion, avocado, shredded cabbage and this hot sauce from Mexico called Valentina – it’s not too vinegary.

Disclaimer:  I am shitty at math, which is why I use to calculate and certainly values fluctuate, but each taco should have about 150-200 calories and they are filling.  That 50 calorie fluctuation is avocado based – but I just read that the avocado fat makes you feel full longer and may work on belly fat.  Tell me why there are no thigh fat busting foods?  Seriously, everything is belly fat related. Something to ponder as these pockets of yum settle in your tum-tum.

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