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Dank je wel means Thank YOU!!

September 4, 2009

The past few days have been a little tough for me.  I have wanted to, and almost have, broken the all vegan with skinny bitch specific rules 3 month diet.  However, two rather nice things happened just in time to save me from my diet’s demise.  Essentially, I received little reminders of a promise to myself which appeared precisely when I needed them most.

 Earlier in the week I almost abandoned my walk to work rule out of laziness, but one morning I was approached by a lady in the office who had recently started walking to work. She shared with me that after hearing that I walked to work she figured she could too.  Miss Delphine’s enthusiasm for the task reminded me of one of the reasons I started in the first place.  As a result I was able to recommit with a better attitude and got through the week with a pretty decent walk to and from work record.

 I have to say, it’s rather flattering to hear that you inspire someone.  Exercise, however, isn’t really my problem.  I actually like to exercise.  It’s the adhering to a strict dietary regimen that always gets to me.  That is why I was so happy to find in my mail a little care package from the good people at Amy’s Kitchen. 

 Amy’s is a vegetarian line of frozen foods that are really quite good.  I have often supplemented my meat eating diet with one or more of their options when I was too busy to make my own food.  I just like that their options are all natural, organic and taste really really good.  I was perusing their site a few weeks ago for information on their vegan options because I like to have a few frozen things around just in case I am either in a hurry or just not in the mood to cook – the latter is rare, but it does happen.  I noticed a typo on their site so I sent off a little email to let them know – cheekily suggesting that they beat the offending copy editor with a wet rice noodle.  I figured they were probably paying someone to create their site so that same someone should at least make sure everything was correct.  I received a very nice email back from a Carol Tamagni in Consumer Relations who was appreciative of my comment and even offered to send me some coupons.  I thought, “how nice” and moved on with my life. 

By moving on with my life I really mean I just obsessed about pizza all last week (see blog – Food Porn).  So, yesterday when I finally collected my mail and found amongst the catalogs and bills a rather large envelope from Amy’s it was another nice reminder of the lifestyle I had committed to 3 weeks ago.  Even better was the completely cute canvas shopping bag Carol included with the promised coupons.  It’s adorable and as I walked to work this morning with it on my shoulder I was reminded again that I have so much for which to be thankful.

 Thanks to Miss Delphine for sharing with me her success story of how my walking to work inspired her to do the same and to Miss Tamagni of Amy’s Kitchen for such a nice little care package.  You both arrived just in time!

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