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The [saline] Solution

September 21, 2009

This is now day five of the Master Cleanse.  I wouldn’t say that I feel great or energized or have achieved any mental clarity, but I will say a few things about the experience thus far: I have become very acquainted with my bathroom, realizing I don’t like grey grout, I have not been physically hungry and, more surprisingly, I haven’t been terribly tempted to give in to passing cravings.  At all.

It’s sort of weird.  I know the difference between true hunger and a craving and I usually have the later.  That is why I figured I would either be hungry or just lust after pizza or some such for the entirety of this ten days. 

All I can conclude is that it’s easier to avoid something all together than it is to try to handle it in moderation.  My hope is that this cleanse will break me from bad eating patterns I fall into and prepare me to really attack the remaining 2 months of veganism.

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