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on to the “Skinnerdome”

October 2, 2009

I will be home in Phoenix for the next few days to enjoy some parental bonding.  This will be my last trip to the ‘dome for a while – possibly not until 2011, if then.

Dilemma: Ray and Sue, proprietors of the ‘dome, are serious carnivores – so much so that they pretty much exclusively dine at steakhouses. Ray and Sue think it’s fine for vegetarians because “they have fish” which, I will admit, is a pretty common mistake as many “vegetarians” actually eat fish and while technically that makes them pescadarians, it all just gets too confusing so they opt for the vegetarian label.  Vegans though – vegans are pretty hard core and everyone should know it by now, that is except for Ray and Sue.  I find it oddly easier to stick to an extreme regimen in the presence of Ray and Sue (at least in the short term). 

So, I should be golden, however, the line up for this week includes dinner at J&G Steakhouse. I have never tried J&G and I am pretty excited since it’s Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s take on the steak house and it’s housed in what used to be one of the family’s former haunts, Mary Elaine’s.  I’ve perused the menu and can definitely make a meal of sides sans sauces, but I wonder if I should just chuck it all and enjoy myself as I will likely not eat this way again for a while or do I go with the vegan program which is weirdly enhanced by the proximity to the ‘dome?

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  1. October 2, 2009 12:39 pm

    Back at your roots, remember true nature. If I were the T Rex in residence, I certainly would know how to properly handle the situation, snapping at every steak in the house and letting no Phoenix rise from its ashes untended.
    For the time being, it will be your last chance to utterly surprise your dome-dwellers in a reassuring way, leaving an undelible impression of normalcy by American standards while reaping the two-fold spoils of deception, the steak as well as their appreciation.
    How pleased they will be, by proof of a trail of plates left empty, in the know that there’ll be nothing wrong with your appetite, when you’ll be out there at the dim outskirts of the civilized world where steakhouses are hard to find…

    • kristenvolt permalink*
      October 14, 2009 8:17 am

      As far as non vegan slip ups – I only had a little yogurt while at the Skinnerdome and I have to say it was the most enjoyable trip I have had in a while with the best food too. The steakhouse was wonderful, great service and views and the vegetable sides were truly delicious. They have perfected the art of making sauteed mushrooms herby and non greasy and they tasted amazing. I really don’t know how they did it. Really.

      Every spot of food tasted great and I got to cook for Mom and Dad too. While I don’t advocate them becoming vegans or even vegetarians the simple fact is that everyone EVERYONE can use more vegetables and more variety of vegetables in their lives. I think I dirtied every pot in their kitchen cooking meals – because that’s fun, the dirtying.

      Now once I come to clog land and giant cuts of tender cornfed dry aged beef are nowhere to be seen I may just cry that I missed the opportunity to snatch with T-Rex talons every choice slab, but I will deal with that possible, maybe, not likely to happen, but who knows future eventuality in the future.

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