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Two months down one more to go

October 14, 2009

I have finally given my mother the web address for this blog.  Although I had read snippets to Ray and Sue I had never really unleashed upon them the full enchilada, so to speak.  Partially because my blog revealed I am (gasp!) carless and partially because I am a chicken when it comes to parental criticism.  The fact is, they are so often right.

First things first, Sue laughed.  Thank god.  I often think we are cut from the same cloth when it comes to our form of humor.  It’s a sarcastic weft and bitchy warp yeilding a lovely and charmingly off kilter jacquard.

Then she said it – the criticism I run from.  The ultimate truth I cannot face. “Kristen, all you do is think of food.” 

Since that sentence hit the air I have not been able to write for fear it would be too foody, too obsessive, too too.

Then I remembered another truism from Mom, “Get over it!” 

…and I did.

Looking back at the last two months I feel that only just now have I really hit my stride in regard to the veganism and attitude toward food in general.  As of the past few weeks I have cultivated a much less obsessive view on being perfect in the diet, planning meal after meal far, far in advance and defining myself and my self worth in relationship to whether I was perfect that day or not.

I’ve kind of relaxed a little and, perhaps, acheived a  modicum of zen.

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