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The Three Fourths Vegan

October 26, 2009

The 3 month vegan has had it.  Here’s what has been happening.  I have been pretty fastidious in adhering the vegan philosophy but completely disregarding the skinny bitch aspect of it and, in doing so, completely missing the point of the whole experiment.  The point was not to reduce my carbon footprint or save cuddly bunnies and chickens from cruelty.  No, the point was to miraculously become model thin while feeling superior to everyone else for not eating meat.

This experiment has failed and I fully admit that the blame rests on my shoulders, like a furry non-faux mink stole, head intact, it’s eyes glowing with disapproval.

Some people can lose weight on a low fat diet, some on all vegetables, some on powders and bars. I, however, need to have a little lean protein in my life.  I think my main problem (aside from sugar) is that I am mildly allergic and not terribly fond of soy products, the bean and rice combinations to get a complete protein were upping my carb intake too, too much.  I am also sick of rice and beans and hemp milk and seeds.  Then I don’t eat them, then my nails peel. Then I have a day where I eat something totally non-approved – like hawaiian pizza, or a burger or frozen yogurt.

I will be 3/4ths vegan from now on.  It’s brilliant – it even has a 3 in it and it involves Kristen Math so that’s always a treat. 

Three meals and a snack a day – that’s 4 meals, three of which will be entirely vegan and skinny bitch approved (recap on that – vegan + no sugar and no white flour) – the fourth will have the addition of a lean protein.  I am going to go with egg whites or turkey as my foray into beef eating (see prior blog) didn’t really work out so well (too much, too soon).

It’s almost like how normal people eat – fancy that concept.

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  1. October 26, 2009 12:12 pm

    3/4ths has never been a ‘natural’ division, it’s too rational, too square.
    Only a trinity may lay claim to holiness, or wholeness, and combining it with the terrestrial square will put 3 and 4 together into 7 wholesome meals for a full week.
    Unless you feel an urge to harness yourself to a self-punishing regime of 3 days of penance for 1 day of abandon, why not stick to the old rule of 1 part of starch, 1 part of veg and 1 part of meat on your daily platter? That’ll make you a 2/3 vegan, without having to give it another thought.
    I think that is the crux of the matter, to stop thinking about food at all, just eating what you like most, be it with moderation. To a human omnivore, there’s nothing wrong with meat, as long as it is produced by a happy, free-roaming animal.
    “Meat, meat, meat is on our side,” as the Rolling Bones sang. Yes, it is.

    • kristenvolt permalink*
      October 27, 2009 3:53 pm

      Ronald Math is even more confusing than Kristen Math, but I get your ultimate point – moderation and meat on the side.

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