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Odd things happen in 3’s

November 19, 2009

Walking to work this morning I passed the craziest, yet most stylish homeless lady I have ever seen.  She’s anywhere between 45 and 108 years old, long witch hair, layers of clothing color coordinated to her shoes.  Her shoes were pristine, brand new lilac old school New Balance.  The layers were all the colors of spring.  Her face was covered by a thin blue open knit scarf – possibly mohair.

I was staring at her shoes and we were about to pass when she suddenly shouted at the garbage can to my right, “Kill it, kill it ‘til it’s dead!”

We parted ways.

Some hours later I overheard part of a conversation of our resident “formerly homeless” paper seller who stands outside our building all day hawking the independently published Homeless Newspaper.

I was crossing the street when I thought I heard her say to the lady buying a paper, “Meat is evil.”

I was still getting my head around that as I picked up the lunch for my boss’ meeting. I had requested from our staff 6 Turkey Sandwiches and chips.  The order placed by helper – 5 sandwiches, 3 soups, 6 cookies.  WTF?

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  1. November 19, 2009 7:43 pm

    This morning, my gardener, pale from fright,
    ‘Master, one moment, please’, came running inside.

    ‘In yonder rose garden I was cutting shoot after shoot
    And when I turned and looked, grim Death there stood.

    I was appalled and by the other way I fled,
    But still couldn’t miss the menace his raised hand shed.

    Master, your horse, and with godspeed let me ride
    To Ispahan, which I may reach ere fall of night.’

    This afternoon – long after he had sped –
    In the park of cedars, Death it was I met.

    ‘Why,’ thus I asked, for in silence he stood waiting,
    ‘Did you, this morning, give my valet such a scare?’

    Smilingly he said: ‘No menace it was
    That sent your gardener fleeing. Surprised I was

    To find here still at work, this morning, a man
    Who, in the evening, I am to take in Ispahan.’

  2. November 21, 2009 5:46 am

    For some weeks now, I’m following the Hannibal blog.
    Something in today’s post reminded me of you and your vegan effort.
    Don’t let the title misguide you, the post is not about yoga – see the final paragraph.

    Just 9 days before take-off.

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