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K is for Koekje

August 23, 2010

I googled English words borrowed from the Dutch.  Koekje is Cookie. 

C is for Cookie, it’s good enough for me – the dulcet sounds of my favorite muppet, Cookie Monster, ring in my ears.  He could grumble about cookies forever.  He is my blue furry food soulmate.

He too was put on a diet some years back – for his own good.  I happen to empathize with his out of control consumption of cookies.  He eats so fast; cookies falling every which way and, quite literally, cannot taste a thing.

I too have been known to eat without tasting.  That’s why I have to have that second cookie – so I know what I just ate.

Trying something new today – something very French.  3 meals, no snacks.

Can I make a meal out of cookies – oatmeal is practically cereal and peanut butter is protein afterall.  Perhaps I will, but not today.

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